Arabia Mountain

Arabia Mountain

Arabia Mountain,nestled just outside the city of Atlanta, is one of the regions hidden gems. It is also one of my favorite places to visit, for a quick escape away from the city!


With a peak of only around 700 feet, it’s one of the easiest “mountain climbing” experiences you will ever have. Do not let the lack of elevation fool you, Arabia Mountain provides spectacular views, especially during sunrise and sunset.


One thing you will notice here, is a lot of little pools of water, which provide a habitat for endangered plants and animals.



There are over 2000 acres of nature preserve to enjoy here. There is a walking/bike trail, that connects the entire Arabia Mountain nature preserve area, all free and open to the public. Our four-legged friends are also welcome! Remember to bring a leash! Also remember to bring your fishing rod and reel to go for the big catch at Arabia Lake!


I visit Arabia a few times a month, so if you’re ever in the area, send me a shout! I love meeting new faces in the wild!


Arabia Mountain website-

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