Pleasant Ridge Park and Ice Cream!

By Dave McAda | March 10, 2018

  If you are looking for a place to hike, ride your mountain bike, take the kids fishing, host a group function, or photograph waterfalls, Pleasant Ridge Park  is the place to go in Greenville County, SC! On a recent Saturday my wife was hosting a bridal shower at our house so it was the perfect … Read morePleasant Ridge Park and Ice Cream!

Travelers Rest and the Swamp Rabbit Trail

By Dave McAda | February 6, 2018

I first drove through Travelers Rest, SC about twelve years ago.  Key word being THROUGH.  There just didn’t seem to be a reason for me to stop as I went from the mountains (Caesar’s Head & Table Rock) to Greenville, SC.  It was mostly shuttered businesses along main street. Fast forward to April 2009 when … Read moreTravelers Rest and the Swamp Rabbit Trail

Pretty Place (Yes it is!)

By Dave McAda | January 26, 2018

  “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” William Shakespeare never traveled to Greenville County, SC but his words ring true nonetheless.  Whether you call it Pretty Place, the chapel on the cliff, Camp YMCA Greenville, or by its proper name Fred W. Symmes Chapel, it is one of the most picturesque … Read morePretty Place (Yes it is!)

A Ride in the Country, Greenville County, SC

By Dave McAda | January 12, 2018

I’m a lazy hiker. There, I said it. If I can see things from the car I’m very happy. I don’t have a problem maneuvering the car just right and putting the window down for a clearer view. But if I have to get out of the car, the view better be worth the effort. … Read moreA Ride in the Country, Greenville County, SC

Places to Visit

Places to Eat

  • Moe’s Original BBQ

    Who doesn’t love BBQ? I challenge any so-called “foodie” to step into a BBQ establishment and not find a single item to their liking. When it comes to smoked meat, side items ranging from indulgent to somewhat healthy and sauces to finish it all off…what’s not to like? Moe’s Original BBQ takes the South’s inherent … Continue reading Moe’s Original BBQ […]

  • Best Bites of euphoria 2018

    And another year of euphoria has come to an end. This four-day food and wine festival highlights the talent of local, regional and nationally acclaimed chefs.  As I reflect back on all the many bites from the weekend, there are a few that deserve a little extra recognition. So, here they are…my favorite bites from … Continue reading Best Bites of euphoria 2018 […]

  • A Vegan Story: Farm Fresh Fast & Sun Belly Cafe

    Let’s talk about this vegan movement that’s taking over not only our Instagrams, but also the Upstate. Nutritionists, fitness gurus and restaurateurs are adapting this trend and making it look pretty easy…and appetizing. No longer are we drooling over double cheeseburgers oozing with cheese (well, we may still do that) but rather veggie burgers, colorful … Continue reading A Vegan Story: Farm Fresh Fast & Sun Belly Caf […]

  • The Lazy Goat Welcomes Chef Wilberto Sauceda

    It was almost a year ago today that I first tasted Chef Wilberto Sauceda’s food. Since then, he has created a name for himself as an imaginative, passionate and talented chef who esteems high quality ingredients and ingenuity. Wilberto has recently taken over as Executive Chef of the beloved Lazy Goat restaurant by Table 301 and … Continue reading The Lazy Goat Welcomes Chef Wilberto Sauceda […]

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