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  • Lost Restaurants of Knoxville

    “What are you??” We were about a quarter way through one of my recent tours when a guest called out this question to me. Now in this part of Tennessee, that question might have been an opening for a merciless teasing - a way locals show their affection for one another. But I turned around to a very sober, serious inquiry from an out of town visitor. “Are you a historian?” He looked as if he had just had a rare snipe sighting. “Well, you might say I am an accidental historian,” I smiled. It has […]

  • 4th Sunday for Someone - The Love Kitchen

    Hi Friends,Since beginning in 2010, I’ve had great success with reaching my goals of Knoxville Food Tours – highlighting the food, culture, and history of Knoxville and drawing folks to the Downtown Knoxville area. I now often see former tour guests Downtown revisiting restaurants from the tours and enjoying the city. Now it’s a great time to give back to the community!2017 marked the beginning of my new offering, 4th Sunday for Someone,I am partnering with local organizations for monthly […]

  • Romantic Knoxville & Valentine Week 2017

    It’s that time of year, when all our thoughts turn to love and romance and how to celebrate love and romance. As we all know, when you are with the person you love, anything can be romantic, from a quiet night at home, to an all out night on the town. However you do it, “Here’s to making it count.” I recently found Knoxville Food Tours on 2 different lists of the Most Romantic Things to Do in Knoxville. That might have contributed to my full tour last Valentine’s Day. Now I know what you’r […]

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