Two Tides Brewery

Two Tides Brewery

It's no secret that Savannah is booming with new businesses. Restaurants, boutiques, pâtisseries and specialty stores are popping up ALL over the city. We're GROWING and it's a beautiful thing. One of the most up and coming locations in this expanding city has been labeled "The Starland District".

The Starland District seems to be a group of businesses who have the right idea: common interests, accommodating prices and a strong sense of community. So many special businesses are packed in this cute little district. There are a few that scream to me, but only one I'm going to shout about in this post...


Hello Two Tides Brewing... You absolutely deserve a standing ovation after months of social media anticipation, finally opening your doors and living up to everyones expectations. The IPA's for days, Sours and more excite us beer nerds (as well as any local or tourist who appreciates an occasional brew, or two), as they should. The unique brews accompanied by your friendly and modern atmosphere put you at the top of my MUST VISIT list for locals and journeyers alike.

The art, the products, the venue (I mean, can you imagine a historic building turned brewery?!? It's unbelievable, and an absolute must see for yourself), everything is truly put together fabulously. Conveniently located close to SCAD, this hot spot is sure to have a constant bustling tap room. That being said it's completely family friendly during family hours. There are several rooms to sit, relax and enjoy the beer, accompanied by a welcoming game room with free pinball, two outside balcony options and a bar that calls your name as soon as you walk in. There's truly a place for everyone, as well as a beverage for everyone. (Yes, a beverage for everyone EVEN IF you're not a beer drinker. They have craft sodas at the ready for those who prefer to visit and not partake in the fermented treat we like to call beer.)

I love that they have drinking options, I love that they offer snacks, I love that they have their swag for sale, including personalized growlers to be filled and I'd honestly love to hear from you if you read this and decide to browse the brewery! Safe travels everyone!


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