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  • REVIEW: Boombalatti’s Ice Cream – Wilmington

    It’s December and I’m writing about ice cream that I ate while I was at the beach. Weird. Boombalatti’s is the place in Wilmington where everyone seems to get their ice cream fix. When I first walked in, I really thought that it was a chain store. It was very well branded throughout the store and [... […]

  • REVIEW: Osteria Cicchetti – Wilmington

      Osteria Cicchetti, known to locals at The O.C., is one of Wilmington’s best known Italian restaurants. The menu isn’t extremely large which is sometimes a good thing because the kitchen can focus on perfecting the smaller amount of items on the menu. They serve a variety of pasta dishes, pizza, salads, antipasti and cold dishes [... […]

  • REVIEW: Cooking with Chef James Bain’s Surf Salt

    Chef James Bain, the owner of Surf Salt, LLC and president of the Waterman’s Journey Group, has been an influential part of the Wilmington food scene for the past decade previously working in the kitchen at places like the now defunct Harvest Moon and Dockside Restaurant. He has also been prominent in the local surfing [... […]

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